Workers' Compensation

CHWCA provides coverage for both workers' compensation and employer’s liability for its Members from dollar one up to $500,000 per occurrence. CHWCA is also a member of the LAWCX for commercial excess coverage. When losses exceed the $500,000 per occurrence limit, LAWCX will provide coverage up to Statutory limits. The graph below outlines the various levels of coverage currently obtainable through CHWCA's Workers' Compensation Program. 


The limits of workers' compensation coverage currently offered are structured as follows:   



Risk Control Program


CHWCA provides professional safety and risk control consulting services designed to assess risk exposures, identify internal processes to control risks, and create and maintain a safety culture within member agencies. CHWCA's Risk Control Program focuses on a culture-based safety program and addresses a variety of employee health, safety, and regulatory concerns at the member agency level. Each year, a customized Risk Control Work Plan is developed for the membership by the Risk Control Manager with input from the Risk Management Committee and presented to the Executive Committee for approval.


CHWCA formed a Risk Management Committee (RMC) in 2005 which currently may consist of up to twelve members, one of which is a representative of the Executive Committee. The Committee meets three times per year for the purpose of discussing, developing, and implementing CHWCA's risk control programs and activities.

After the formation of the RMC in 2005, CHWCA's risk control efforts began focusing on individual risk assessments for all members for the purpose of developing consistent benchmarks of safety performance, to help reinforce safety rules and policies, to improve agencies' recordkeeping, to reduce work-related injuries, and to ensure agencies meet regulatory compliance. The assessments included a complete review of employee safety training, a facility inspection, review of risk control programs, and observations of employee and management work practices. At the end of the 2009 Program Year all members had received two risk assessments.

In 2010, CHWCA’s risk control efforts changed directions and began focusing on providing members with various risk control services, such as on-site training for employees and management personnel, ergonomic evaluations and training, and risk control program development. This approach continues to be very successful for CHWCA because it enables agencies to develop and manage their own safety and risk control programs.


CHWCA has developed many model programs, policies and safety manuals that can be easily modified to meet the needs of the agency. In addition, members have access to web-based training, streaming safety videos, safety webinars and specialized risk control services as needed or requested. Risk control related documents and resources can be found in the Members Only - Safety & Risk Control section of the website.